Values answer the question of who we are by describing us.  They answer the question of why our mission and our vision are what they are.  They are foundational to our existence as a church and our work together.  They answer questions: What are we like? What is important to us?


We, at Northbrook Covenant Church, are:

1. Christ-Connected
God comes to us in Jesus as a gift; knowing Him is a matter of grace. People must encounter Jesus Christ personally and make a choice to follow Him.
2. Transformative
God does not leave us the way He finds us. God is at work in shaping us and transforming us to be like Jesus. We are committed to working with God in seeing people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
3. Biblical
We value the Bible as the Word of God and believe that God communicates with us as individuals and as a church in a unique way through Scripture. Our preaching, teaching and decision-making, as well as the living of our personal lives, are all done in submission to God's Word.
4. Prayer-Based
Communication with God is a privilege of a personal relationship with Christ. We believe that prayer is indispensable in our Christian life. God's direction, guidance and power are made available to us through prayer.
5. Rooted and Relevant
God has placed us in our world to live and serve in the 21st century. We value the tradition of the church and honor what we have received from history. At the same time, we value the new expression and new ways He inspires. We are committed to living out and communicating our faith in ways that are culturally relevant. We want to be rooted in the past and relevant to the future.
We value people who are not experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Because they matter to God, they matter to us. We are committed to reaching out to them in such a way that they may come into this relationship with Jesus.
7. Relational
It is not good for people to be alone. God does His special work in our lives in the context of authentic relationships. We live in grace with each other, giving and receiving support and strength. We believe that God is bringing together people who are very different from one another. We celebrate the richness of our differences, while seeking to maintain the unity that is God's gift to us.
8. Compassionate
Jesus has compassion for people. He did not come to be served, but to serve. God is making us into compassionate servants. We are committed to following Jesus' example and obeying His command to love our neighbors as ourselves, reaching out in mercy and justice.
9. Generous
The God we worship created all that is and gave us all we have. We are committed to honoring God by being faithful and generous stewards of all we are and have, including our time, skill, finance, and care. We recognize a special obligation to meet the needs of the poor and suffering through responsible use of our resources.
10. Worshipful
There is no higher calling than giving glory to God. We are committed to cultivating the art of worship and offering authentic praise to God, both corporately and in our daily lives.
11. Active and Involved
God has prepared His people in unique ways, so that each can be involved in God's work of building up believers and sharing the Good News with those who do not know Christ. We value the giftedness of all believers and the use of their gifts in active ministry. Our church helps people to discover their gifts and provides opportunities to express them.



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