Northbrook Covenant Church

Music Ministries

At Northbrook Covenant Church, we are committed to a blended style of worship. It is our goal to celebrate the diversity of God’s kingdom through music that reflects the breadth of musical and artistic expression. When you join us in worship, you will hear preludes and postludes from the organ and piano. You will also get to hear from our beautiful choir, led by our Director of Music Ministries. You will sing hymns from the Evangelical Covenant tradition as well as familiar tunes from the CCM repertoire, all led by our Worship Team. Blended worship can be a challenge, but at Northbrook Covenant Church, we are committed to honor our excellent God with excellent musical worship to the best of our ability, according to the gifts He has given us.

If you would like to serve on one of our worship teams or join the choir, please email the Director of Music Ministries.




Worship Teams